Your lawn is already turning brown from the harsh winter climate. Fall is the best season to care
for your lawn. These activities will pay off over the coming months. Despite the harsh conditions,
it is important that you continue to maintain your lawn’s health by taking regular care of it. These
simple tips will help you keep your lawn healthy throughout winter. Avoid mowing your lawn
during winter, as harsh weather conditions can kill your grass.
Hire a lawn company that has the right tools to mow and trim your lawn. You should also be
capable of using weed whacks for controlling weeds and trimming. During the growing season,
grass should be cut back once per week and fertilized often. For a beautiful lawn, fertilizers are
recommended during the spring and mid-autumn.
Before hiring a lawn care company, ensure that you and the worker are on the same page.
Before the work begins discuss your expectations. If you arenâ€TMt happy with the result, please
contact the company owner/supervisor. Do not view the employees of the company like your
boss. Instead, treat them as your client and be open to communicating your expectations. Your
lawn care company will be able to deliver the results you want.
In late summer, water your lawn thoroughly after mowing. The lawn needs around one inch of
water a month. It will go dormant if you water it less frequently than that. To determine the
amount of water required, you can use either a rain gauge (or a pie pan) to measure the output
from your sprinklers. To prevent spreading disease, ensure that you clean under the mower.
Your sprinklers should be kept on until October.

Although many lawn care companies offer limited seeding at no charge, most will charge for
larger jobs such as fertilization. Aeration is an important aspect of fertilizing your lawn. If you
have any questions about when to apply it or how to do it, consult a landscaper. You can fertilize
your lawn at both the growth and dormancy stages. It is important to fertilize your lawn in the
right time. Otherwise, your lawn will become too hot and dry out.
If you missed the spring preemergent herbicide deadline, hand-picking the weeds is a good
option to stop them growing. To stop them from sprouting, you can either use chemical products
or apply pre-emergent herbicides. For tough turf weeds, be sure to apply spot treatment. It’s
important to keep weeds under control, or they’ll turn up in more places.
You need a high-quality fertilizer to ensure a lush lawn. This product has essential nutrients that
your lawn requires to grow thick and healthy. Besides that, a properly nourished lawn can resist
environmental pressures, pests, and weeds. You can choose the right time to fertilize depending
on the grass type. Mulch can also be offered by many lawn care services, so make sure you
select the right one for your grass.
Slow-release synthetic fertilizer is an excellent way to feed your lawn without adding too many
nitrogen. This product is usually more expensive than regular fertilizers, but the benefits are
worth the extra money. This type fertilizer releases nutrients slowly into your lawn, giving it a
steady and consistent source of nutrients. And, since the effects don’t show up overnight, it’s
worth the extra cost. Some formulations won’t begin showing their results until weeks later.
The main purpose of a lawn care service is to improve the appearance of your lawn. A typical

lawn care service will offer the following services. Lawn care services also provide spring and
autumn clean-ups. If you don’t feel comfortable doing all these tasks, you can always hire lawn
care services. This is a great way of saving money and time.